ADHP Technical Requirements for Classroom Devices


Instructure/Canvas products support the current and previous major releases of the following browsers:

*Chrome 122/123

*Firefox 123/124


JavaScript must be enabled to run Canvas.


Cookies must be enabled. Additionally, some Canvas functionality requires third-party cookies to be enabled.


All ADHP-students must have a laptop that meets/exceeds:

    • Windows 10 or higher OR a MacBook with OS X, Android 8.0 or later, and iOS 15.0 or later. (No Chromebooks) Mac devices must be able to support WiFi 6.
    • 4GB or more of RAM (memory)
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Adobe PDF Reader
    • Ability to access the Internet at home/work to download lecture materials and other information, as well as take exams in the program.  (Downloading course material, textbooks, presentations in class is prohibited.  Please complete downloads before class.)


Technical support for student computers is not available during class or at the venue at all.  Please make sure your device meets the specifications.