Dental Practice Act 2024


Signed Legislation to take effect September 1, 2023.

Act 2023-362 Signed 06012023



Proposed Changes to Board Rules:

APA2-270-X-1-.10 Consulting Fees

APA2-270-X-2-.25 Botox

APA2-270-X-5-.14 Board Member Ethics


Emergency Board Rule

Alabama Administrative Code r. 270-X-2-.24 Anesthesia Inspection Teams-Emergency Filing


Rules to go into effect June 14, 2024:

APA3-270-X-2-.07 Annual Registration Dentists

APA3-270-X-2-.21 Oral Conscious Sedation

APA3-270-X-2-.24 Anesthesia Inspection Teams

APA3-270-X-3-.07 Annual Registration for Dental Hygienists

APA3-270-X-5-.09 Non-disciplinary Administrative Penalties


New Proposed Rules:




DENTAL 270-X-2-.07 Proposed-Stamped-Annual Registration Dentists

DENTAL 270-X-2-.17 Proposed-Stamped-On site inspection for PS-GA permits

DENTAL 270-X-2-.24 Proposed-Stamped-Anesthesia Inspection Teams

DENTAL 270-X-4-.04 Proposed-Stamped-Mandatory CE for Dentists-Hygienists

DENTAL 270-X-4-.12 Proposed-Stamped-Waiver of Renewal Fee for Retired-Disabled

DENTAL 270-X-5-.13 Proposed-Stamped-Electronic Signatures


Effective June 12, 2023

Maintenance of Controlled Substances Records and Inventory Amend Rule 270-X-2- .12 Packet


Effective September 14, 2023

Licenses for Qualified Military Servicemembers and their Spouse Rule 270-X-4. 11


Effective October 1, 2023

Mandatory Continuing Education for Dentists and Dental Hygienists Amend Rule 270-X-4- .04 Packet